What kind of content is banned?
We respect people's taste and fetishes.
However, there are some kind of contents that is not acceptable and will be removed immediately on this site, that we will remove to ensure the site follows hosting requirements.
  • Child pornography
  • Sexualized depictions of minors
  • Heavy gore
  • Bestiality
  • Sexual violence
Please help us report the content if you see it. This apply to real pictures or 3D-rendered picture.
The rules for hentai and drawn pictures is looser because they are fiction and not real people.
What will you do with my keys?
Keys are stored in your device only (So you will need to enter your keys again when you switch devices).
The whole project is open-sourced so you can check and see what the code does.
Are the bot and my chat private?
Chats are private by default unless you share and make it public. Bots can be private/public and toggle between them.
You can import any bot you want and start a chat. If you use a bot that you don't own, please kindly set it to Private so the bot creator can post the public one.