Product Safety Standards

At Deepsweet AI, we maintain a steadfast commitment to user privacy and security, striving to provide a safe and reliable user experience. Below is our security assurance and declaration:

  • Respect for Privacy: We strictly adhere to the highest standards of privacy protection regulations to ensure the proper handling of user's personal information. All user data will be kept confidential and used solely to enhance the personalization of Deepsweet AI services.

  • Data Encryption: We employ advanced data encryption technology to ensure the effective protection of user communication and personal information during transmission, preventing any unauthorized access.

  • Anonymous Processing of Emotional Data: User's emotional data undergoes anonymous processing to ensure the protection of personal identity while enjoying a deep emotional experience. We consistently respect and safeguard the emotional privacy of our users.

  • Security Updates: We conduct regular security updates and upgrades to promptly address emerging network security threats. We are dedicated to ensuring the security of the Deepsweet AI platform, so users can trust and rely on our services.

  • Handling of Inappropriate Content: We strictly prohibit any form of discrimination, terror violence, child pornography, danger, defamation, fraud, etc. Such content will be automatically filtered in the LLM model and may result in the account being flagged as high-risk; we reserve the right to delete such accounts.

  • Transparent Communication: We promise to maintain transparent communication, providing users with timely information related to security. If users have any security concerns or issues, they can contact our customer service team at any time, and we will make every effort to resolve the problems.

Through these security measures, Deepsweet AI is dedicated to providing users with a secure and comfortable digital companion experience. We will continue our efforts to ensure that you always feel secure and confident when using Deepsweet AI.